Our Goals

The key goal of the Boosting Resilience: Survival Skills for the New Normal programme was to inspire and support the development of new approaches to Making the most of Creative Assets and Intellectual Property in the arts and cultural sector.

The programme worked with a cohort of 26 participants from a diverse range of organisations across England. In its design and strategy, it took into consideration and built out from both established and emerging research and sector led thinking on resilience, aiming to create a practical, user-centred programme that also pushed conceptual thinking around creative assets - and indeed creative ecologies more widely - to new limits.

The programme set out to develop new thinking and approaches to help participants to: recognise and seize opportunity, deploy resources more strategically and imaginatively and identify and mitigate risk.

Throughout it focused on developing organisations’ thinking on their creative assets, their existing and potential intellectual property and their abilities to maximize these through working with wider sectors e.g health, education and technology.

The longer-term aim was that the programme benefited the wider sector as well as the core participants, creating materials and methods to anticipate and withstand economic, social, environmental and technological change.