Gallery Tour of Instituting Care exhibition

Session lead: Jade Montserrat, Artist
Time: 14.30 - 16.00
Room: Gallery – Ground Floor

“Resilience is the product of agency: knowing that what you do can make a difference,.” (Bessel Van Der Kolk). The gallery tour, talk and opportunity for discussion will centre on research, erring towards imaging how to move within the work, ethically and sustainably. What might make space "safe" or "safer"? What are our fundamental needs that, when met, allow our imaginations to roam free, towards actioning imaginings? Spatialised through conflict-ing/ed environments we entertain, I make a plea for wider understandings of people’s need to nurture safer spaces, and of the care we require and are responsible for, eschewing any totalising monolithic understandings and applications of care, when I am awake to them.

Participants to bring along notebooks.