Theory of Change

Session leads:
Dr Thanasis Spyriadis - Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Tamara McNeill - Senior Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University
Paul Steele - CEO, Junction Arts
Time: 14.30 - 16.00
Room: Library – First Floor

The Theory of Change (ToC) is a highly effective tool for internal planning and evaluation of programmes, projects and/or impact of organisational activity. The ToC tool is particularly useful in terms of clarifying (and articulating) the focus of an organisation, rationalising the activities undertaken, getting more out of the resources available, as well as evaluating outcomes. This practical workshop is specially designed to help you develop your knowledge and skills on ToC. After an initial introduction to the principles of ToC, senior managers from arts and cultural organisations will share with us their experiences of developing and applying the ToC tool in their organisations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work in groups and develop a ToC framework based on a relevant scenario designed in collaboration with our BR participants. In this workshop, you will also share reflections and insights on the process, the opportunities and the challenges of developing and implementing the ToC tool.