Ideas Pools

Boosting Resilience: Survival Skills for the New Normal launched with a series of three Ideas Pools in Bristol, London and Manchester across May 2017. These Ideas Pools were developed to: encourage conversation about the topics of Creative Assets and Intellectual Property, give an overview of the programme and to support those who wished to apply to participate in the programme.

Introduction to the programme

Evelyn Wilson, Director, The Culture Capital Exchange

Suzie Leighton, Director, The Culture Capital Exchange

Cutting Edge Research

The Thinking Behind Our Practice

Dr Maire Kerrin, Cass Business School

Professor Sue Baines, Manchester Metropolitan University

Doctor Tamara McNeill, Manchester Metropolitan University

Moving Forward

Application Process: Next Steps

Evelyn Wilson, Director, TCCE

The Wider Building Resilience Programme

Suzie Leighton, Director, TCCE