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The Boosting Resilience Open Learning Programme is a unique blend of events bringing together arts based learning and methodologies with cutting edge business thinking. This programme is designed for those seeking to develop important skills and build their personal and organisational resilience in order to negotiate these uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times.

Collaborate with course leaders and your peers to develop key personal insights, explore new ideas and consolidate your thinking through engaging in a hands-on learning experience.

If you are a curious and creative arts leader, sector specialist, boundary breaking creative entrepreneur, or working in an industry experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change, then register your interest for this programme.

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Boosting Your Assets: the Pros and Cons of developing new ideas

Are you a curious and creative arts leader, sector specialist or boundary breaking creative entrepreneur? Are you working in an industry experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change?

Would you like to join in an exploration of the pros and cons of developing ideas for new customers and audiences, or whether you should expand or change your offers to them?

Then join our Boosting Resilience Open Learning Workshop and during this half-day session you will make strategic decisions to:

  • Identify areas for innovation to make most of your existing assets
  • Review existing activity to ensure a good strategic fit and focus
  • Think about distinctiveness of your offer and messaging – how might you make more of your strengths
  • Design strategic experiments to test how you move towards a more resilient organisation.

Our day is led by Claire Pattison, Manchester Metropolitan University Boosting Resilience delivery led, and the fantastic Isla Wilson, founder of Ruby Star Associates, who is excels at challenging your thinking.


£70 – £125



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