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The Boosting Resilience Open Learning Programme is a unique blend of events bringing together arts based learning and methodologies with cutting edge business thinking. This programme is designed for those seeking to develop important skills and build their personal and organisational resilience in order to negotiate these uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times.

Collaborate with course leaders and your peers to develop key personal insights, explore new ideas and consolidate your thinking through engaging in a hands-on learning experience.

If you are a curious and creative arts leader, sector specialist, boundary breaking creative entrepreneur, or working in an industry experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change, then register your interest for this programme.

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Developing Resilient Leadership

From 11th February to 26th March, location TBC

his collaborative learning program acknowledges that the greatest expertise comes from the participants themselves and from releasing collective genius. So the program is process-led rather than outcome or content led and focuses on helping participants find new ways of approaching their futures out of their pooled knowledge and capabilities whilst the program provides a framework to think about.

The aim of the program is to prepare individuals for today’s wicked problems and helps participant’s design and build their own leadership architecture (My Leadership Architecture – MLA). By designing and building your own MLA and then continually getting feedback and evolving your MLA, you will learn how to be more personally resilient and prepared for “wicked” problems.

As you work through our blended course offering you will participate in a four week online course. You will be given access to material on a weekly basis and it is expected that you will view all the materials, undertake the activities, and engage in the online discussions. Week five will be an opportunity for further preparation before a face to face session in week six.

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Developing Personal Resilience for arts and cultural organisations

29th January, The Design Museum, London

Personal resilience is ‘the ability to bounce back or positively adapt to ongoing stress or adversity’. While we might often observe how resilient others are in the face of adversity, the good news is that we can all learn to be more personally resilient. Decades of research evidence tells us that personal and emotional resilience is based on attitudes, behaviours and social support that can be developed by anyone.

Many interventions designed to develop personal resilience have shown improvements in developing resilience resources in leaders and employees so that they can better cope with workplace stressors that lead to increases in goal attainment, productivity, and improved performance. This workshop will provide an overview of different approaches to developing personal resilience, and through practical and interactive exercises take participants on a journey to develop a personal plan for building resilience that is sustainable and transferable to their own workplace and situations.

The workshop will be lead by Dr Máire Kerrin (Director) & Victoria Roe (Senior Consultant) of the Work Psychology Group.

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Reflective Journaling for Leadership – Getting Started Workshop

One of the major areas in leadership that is insufficiently covered in most management education is how to carve out time and space for reflection, and then how to utilise that capacity to generate new ideas and insights.

This high-engagement leadership workshop is geared to get participants started on the day itself, and to leave with an intensive set of activities to be carried out over two weeks. Email support will be provided during this two week period.

Taken together, the workshop and immediate follow up provide a proven approach, sufficient to permit participants then to keep journaling without further support.

The workshop was led by Professor Clive Holtham, Director of the Learning Laboratory at Cass Business School. He initiated the use of intensive reflective leadership practice through the MBA programme in 2005 and it is now applied at undergraduate, masters and executive education levels.

His work has resulted in numerous academic papers and conference presentations globally. He is working particularly on two EU projects involving innovative reflective practices – Beyond Text, and Triangle. He is responsible for the reflective module in the 2017-2019 Arts Council funded project “Boosting Resilience”. He is co-founder of City, University of London’s cross-disciplinary research Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice (C2P2) and its cutting-edge Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (MICL).

Boosting Your Assets: the Pros and Cons of developing new ideas

This workshop was an exploration of the pros and cons of developing ideas for new customers and audiences, or whether you should expand or change your offers to them. During this half-day session attendees made strategic decisions to:

  • Identify areas for innovation to make most of existing assets
  • Reviewed existing activity to ensure a good strategic fit and focus
  • Thought about distinctiveness of their offer and messaging
  • Designed strategic experiments to test how to move towards a more resilient organisation.

The day was led by Claire Pattison, Manchester Metropolitan University Boosting Resilience delivery led, and the fantastic Isla Wilson, founder of Ruby Star Associates.

This event has now taken place.


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