Here is a snapshot of what our reading for the programme

Creative assets

CREATe Working Paper Series

Creative Assets Inventory Guide by the Kentucky Arts Council

The Creative Turn: Toward a New Aesthetic Imaginary by Anne Harris (2014)

The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World by Lewis Hyde (2012)

Monetization of Copyright Assets by Creative Enterprises by the World Intellectual Property Organization (2013)

Using Intellectual Property in the Creative Industries by Chris Reed and Maria Anagnostopoulou

Asset Management by Sarah Thelwall and Patrick Towell (2018)

The Adoption of Digital Technology in the Arts by Golant Media Ventures

A New Data Solution for the Arts Sector by Golant Media Ventures

IP BASICS - IP made easy by Intellectual Property Office

IP Health Check exercise by Intellectual Property Office

Intellectual Property Training by Intellectual Property Office

IP Equip: Free Intellectual Property Course by Intellectual Property Office

What Is Intellectual Property? by World Intellectual Property Organization

Start-Ed Commercial Law Clinic at City Law School

A Customer-friendly Approach to GDPR by Michael Nabarro (2018)

Theory of change

Creating Your Theory of Change: NPC’s Practical Guide by New Philanthropy Capital (2014)

The Art of Living Dangerously by Mission Models Money and Exchange

Business and Strategy

Resilience and Sustainability

Evaluation of the Developing Cultural Sector Resilience Programme: Final Report by BOP Consulting (2015)

How to Be Resilient: Self-Awareness is Fundamental by Emma Featherstone (2017)

Making Adaptive Resilience Real by Mark Robinson (2010)

Digital Culture 2017 by MTM London (2017)

Organisations with Staying Power by Michelle Wright (2016)

Revenue Generation in the Arts: 2015-16 by Arts Quarter (2016)

Tools for Success: Doing the Right Things and Doing Them Right by Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School (2012)

Building Resilience by Sue Hoyle and Mark Robinson, Arts Professional (2017)

Inside, Outside, Beyond: Artistic Leadership for Contradictory Times by Mark Robinson (2017)

Experimental Culture: A Horizon Scan for the Arts and Culture Sector by Nesta (2018)

What Does it Mean to Be Resilient in the Arts? by Moira Sinclair, Paul Hamlyn Foundation (2017)

What Is Resilience Anyway? by Golant Media Ventures (2018)

Personal Resilience

Resilience: Why it Is Fundamental to the Success of Both Individuals and Organisations by Ivan Robertson, Tara Swart, Andrew Larkin (2016)

The Wider Resilience Context

New STEAM age: Challenging the STEM agenda in research by The Culture Capital Exchange

Developing Effective Research Collaborations by The Culture Capital Exchange

Resilience Calls for Smart Planning and Great Leadership by Evan Reis (2018)

Boosting Resilience on ArtsProfessional

Survival Skills for the New Normal by Sara Jones and Evelyn Wilson (2018)

Taking Advantage of Your Assets by Melissa Wong (2018)

How to Generate Revenue from Intellectual Property by Luke McDonagh (2018)

Supporting Leadership Through Reflective Journaling by Clive Holtham (2018)

Sharpening Your Sense of Purpose by Tamara McNeill and Thanasis Spyriadis (2018)